I am a music photographer from Blackpool, England. For me, nothing compares to shooting a live concert. I always aim to capture the energy and emotion from a concert. I believe It's all about perspective, and that's what I always keep in mind when shooting a gig. My goal is to capture the energy you feel when at a gig and to simply make people say wow when viewing my images.  

I started off by shooting small gigs in local pubs which was a brilliant way to learn the skills needed in music photography and helped me gain a following in my local area. No matter what major gigs I get the opportunity to shoot, I always go back to where I began to help promote my local music scene and develop my skills even further. 

My portfolio showcases some of my favourite images captured at various gigs over the past couple of years. 

Thank you for taking the time to view my work and feel free to get in touch through my various social media platforms or through the contact page.